SECRET YK Instant Eyelift

Get your Quick Fix by Secret YK

QuickFix by Secret YK! Our flagship product will create facelift effect within less than 45 seconds. QuickFix is great for women of all ages and is very simple to use. A big smile on your face once you use it is guaranteed!

How does it look?

A non surgical eye lift or a 45 second facelift. Quick Fix by Secret YK causes no pain and no loose skin after its use, no torn hair and a very gentle hold during its use. Quick Fix can hold for hours without any disturbance. It does not cause hair or skin damages - just a great feeling of self-confidence.

A complete non-surgical face lift that will change your everyday feeling! Join thousands of women including Hollywood stars that are using their Quick Fix daily for an eye lift and a fresh and confident look.

Hidden & Long-Lasting

It will be our secret… You can wear our hidden hair clip for hours comfortably.

Durable and Adjustable

2 metal clips with elastic band, look younger amd fresh with no surgery or injections.


It takes 45 seconds to wear our product and the results and immidiate, safe and comfortable.

No skin or hair damages

Our product is safe and used by thousands of customers. In case you don’t feel good wearing our product, contact us for more details.

Gift Boxed

Our product is sent in white satin satchel, ready for giving, it is a great gift and for personal use.

Product Recommendations

“I have good days and bad days, as you get older you start being aware of all these little things in your skin or appearances that bother you.
Whenever I put SecretYK on I feel younger, I feel refreshed, I feel awake like it opens me up and no one notices, which is my main concern. I hate looking different than I do without it. The difference is so subtle, that you project confidence and that’s all I care about.”
— Alona Tal, Actress

“I love using Secret Y.K because it makes me feel refreshed. Whenever I have an event, a photoshoot or I just feel and look tired it gives me a little kick, as if I just got a treatment. My eyes have a tendency to fall, even though I’m in my late 20’s, and when concealer doesn’t do the trick I really need a stretch.
Whenever I use the product I get compliments about my skin, and I get asked what I did, if I got a facial or a good night sleep. So especially on long days, I always have it in my purse!”
— Shani Atias, Actress

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